im about

grandpas oranges and grandmas phone calls

when she calls to ask how to print a recipe

but really she just wants to know how your day was


im about

getting in dads car and he's listening to adele

and mom thinking ABBA is still around


im about

church on sunday and breakfast after,

about my deaf dog maggie

who can't hear a word of all the songs i sing to her in the car


im about my little cat ferris

who sits in the window all day

and looks out at the great big world around her


im about the trip

about the window seat for nostalgia and the aisle seat for convenience

about the planes, trains, and automobiles,

spinning wheels propelling you always to new places


im about savoring every part of where you are

and still feeling like you missed something


im about the pictures

god, am i about the pictures,

that capture so perfectly what you would otherwise forget,

like how that first restaurant in italy had a daisy on the table,

and the hand painted tiles in the hostel in portugal


im about the the things you don't need a picture to remember,

like how the trevi fountain is big and beautiful and crowded and real

like the view of the rhine in december, dusted in snow


im about having 10 maps and still getting lost,

about the adventure you didn't plan on the way to the one you did


im about western europe and the middle east,

about asia and the americas and all the islands of the world


im about the beautiful beaches and the dense forests,

about never stopping because there are always more out there


im about lifting off and lifting off and lifting off

and trying so hard to never land in the same place twice.